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Related post: Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:24:02 -0800 (PST) From: Max Hewitt Subject: "Punking Mike," ch. 8This story involves sex lolita board nude preteens between guys. If you shouldn't be preteen lolita free pic reading stuff like that, move on. In this story, the characters don't use condoms. In the real world, anybody who doesn't practice safe sex is a menace to himself and society. Don't be a menace.It's okay lolita hardcore preteen video to print this story out or save it to a disc, but don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission, please.I want to thank Al for allowing me to use some of his suggestions in this and the next chapter.Lilperv76yahoo.comChapter 8[MC = Mike Cronin; JK = Jason Kinsey; SW = Seth Watkins]MC:After breakfast that Sunday Seth took us back to the basement in the main house. Then we got on the rug in front of the fireplace. I was told to lie on preteen lola non nude my back and spread my legs. While Seth fucked me, he made Jason straddle my head and stick his cock in my mouth so I could suck him. preteen jpg 10yo loli When they had both come inside me, he made me put the butt plug back in. Then he made me fuck Jason, and then Jason had to re-insert his butt plug. It felt weird having all that jizz inside, held there by the butt plugs.Then Seth told us to climb up on the big oak coffee table which he'd had us use as a kind of stage the night before. We were wearing only our collars and the butt plugs, which tended to keep us hard, even though we had both just cum.We worked for several hours on a kind of exhibitionistic dance routine. The more we got into it, the more embarrassing it was. I vergin tiny lolita sex was already dreading having to do it with people watching. Seth made us do it over and over until we got it just the way he wanted.When Seth first described what he wanted us to do, Jason made the mistake of mouthing off, saying he just fuckin' wasn't going to do that. Seth hit Jase twice in the gallery model lolita ls stomach with his fist. Jason dropped on the floor, gasping for breath and holding his midsection. I wanted so much to do something young lolita teen tgp to help Jason, but short of killing Seth, nothing I could have done would have helped. Worse still, he made me get Jason cuties lolita naked model up and put him in a straight-backed chair. lolita tiny little ones Then he produced some of the rope he'd used the previous evening and tied Jason's hands behind him. He went to a cabinet and brought me a pair of barber clippers."Take his hair off.""But he's already shaved everywhere!""Look again, dumbass. He's still got eyebrows, doesn't he? He's still got hair on his head, doesn't he? Take it off!"When Jason began to protest about that, Seth dropped the cargoes he was wearing, pulled off his boxers, and shoved them in Jason's mouth. Then he pulled up his cargoes and said, "Get on with it, Cronin."When I had taken off all of the hair I could remove with the clippers, Seth made me take a can of foam shave and a disposable razor and shave the rest off. And he made me use the clippers and razor on Jase's eyebrows, too."Yeah," Seth said, grinning, when I had finished, "that's better. Now you really look a punk slave! Let that teach you not to mouth off at me, boy! I don't know what you're going to tell your folks, but that's your problem." Then he looked at me. "And if you get any ideas about shooting off your cocksuckin' mouth, this is what will happen to you."Apparently that was the last straw for Jase. I almost cried myself when I saw him just sitting there with tears running down his face.I felt very passive on the one hand. What could Jason and I do?. Seth had us by the balls, figuratively as well as literally. It was a matter of doing as he said or standing trial and probably being convicted for child molestation. And guess who the DA was. Right, James Cronin himself. It was just unthinkable. On the other hand, the longer this went on, the nastier Seth became. He would be friendly with us one minute, treating us like a couple of his buds, and then he'd make us do all these shitty things.At lunch time he took us to the kitchen, still with slave collars and butt plugs, nothing else, and put out cold cuts and cheese, bread, mayo, mustard, potato salad, cole slaw, and iced tea. He made us fix him a plate first, but then he let us make ourselves lunch. We took our plates and glasses out beside the pool and sat at an umbrella table and ate. Seth didn't say much, but at least he wasn't giving us grief.As he said earlier, he wanted us to even out our tans. He made us use a light sun block on our butts and lower bellies, wanting to get rid of the pale parts normally covered by our Speedos.Seth let us jump in the pool once in a while. It would have been more pleasant without the damned butt plugs. They kept us boned up all afternoon. Jase and I had to make sure we kept putting sun block on our dicks, and that made lolitas lolitas lolitas bbs us even more aroused. Finally, Seth got this wicked look in his eye. He made us go into the bathroom in the cabana and take out preteen naked lolita pictures those plugs and wash them. When we got back, he tossed me a tube of KY and told us to lube our butts up again.I thought maybe he was going to fuck us both, and was so horny by then I wished he would. (Sad, isn't it?) Instead, he produced two more butt plugs. We greased our butts and the plugs and put them in. It was still a tight squeeze, but maybe because I was used to it, it didn't hurt so much as before.Then Seth had us bend over side by side with our hands on our knees. He came up behind us. I felt him touch the base of my plug. At once, it began to hum and vibrate."Okay, you pathetic bitches, lie down on the chaises you were using. These things are going to get you off eventually. Do NOT stroke your cocks. When you cum, catch it and eat it. Don't get any on the chaises or you'll have to lick it up.JK:The vibrators felt fantastic, but it was maddeningly slow. I could tell from the way Mike was wiggling his butt and from the look on his face that the plug was driving him crazy, and I felt the same way. More than anything in the world I wanted to grab my cock and beat off, but Seth had said not to. There I sat, with sun block on my shaved head, my cock covered with sun block and, now, precum, underage sex lolita illegal aching to shoot. But after what happened that morning in the basement, I wasn't about to say anything. And Mike had long since become very passive toward Seth. I knew he was miserable, but I think he had pretty much given up. And there really wasn't anything we could do. Seth had us, no two ways about it.I have read that those vibrators have variable speeds. Seth had set ours at a low speed. I wanted to reach back there and turn it up full blast because I was so horny, but I didn't dare. So Mike and I sat there in agony, needing to cum, knowing we would eventually, knowing we couldn't hurry it up, wanting more than anything to explode, to drain our aching balls. And Seth sat there preteen nude euro lolas grinning like the Cheshire cat, taunting us."How do you feel now, fairies? Your cocks are waving around like ships' masts in a storm. Bet you wish you could grab hot lolita panty model `em and start jackin' yourselves, don't you? But you better not do that, or I'll have to think of something unpleasant for punishment."He went up to his apartment for a moment and reappeared with one of the video cameras."Kinsey, since you're the one who can't keep from shooting his mouth off, why don't you tell Cronin and me how you feel right now.""Oh, God, Seth. I gotta models boys 14 lolita cum! Please, man, I gotta get underage teen loli dorki off!"Mike began making little noises, like "oh, oh!" I saw him wiggling around, moving his butt to get even more stimulation from the plug. I did the same thing."You two sound like a couple of whores. Now sit still! You'll bbs list free lolita just loli nude art models have to wait until those vibrators do their job.""Please, Seth, couldn't you preteen russian lollitas nude turn them up?" I begged. Mike nodded his head and sort of whimpered."Nope." He kept ukrainian angels little lolita the camera running, switching back and forth between our faces and our dicks.Nature did eventually take its course, and I felt my balls drawing up. "Oohhh, I'm gonna cum!" I sat little anal lolita gallery up straight and grabbed my throbbing cock so I could aim it at the other hand. No point in having to lick the cum off the chair.Seth zoomed in on my cock. I performed for the camera by exploding spurt after spurt of cream into my hand. After all that, I wanted to collapse back onto the chaise, but Seth indicated with a jerk of his head that I should lick my cum. I did what he wanted, and he got it all on video."Oh, sheessh, I'm gonna shoot!" Mike groaned. Seth turned toward him and captured Mike's orgasm, too.Seth chuckled. "Thanks faggots. This will make a nice addition to the Mikey and Jason cd. Now, you can go take a shower. Clean up those butt plugs and leave them in the bathroom. If they aren't clean, you'll lick them clean the next time you're here. I'll have your nude lolita 8 yr clothes here by the time you are finished."When we got back to the pool area after our showers, Seth let us put on the clothes we had arrived in. He kept our collars, thankfully."Now, bitchboys, keep your evenings free. We'll need to rehearse that dance routine some more. Besides, I may have something else for you to do one evening this week. Check your email and keep your cell phones turned on. I'll not interfere with your jobs this week. But after you finish there, you belong to me. Got it?""Yeah," I said, "we got it.""Yeah," Mike saidMC:I was nervous as a cat at work at the community center that week. I kept expecting someone to tell me they had seen the online pictures or had bought the cd Seth was selling online. I guess the people who worked there weren't the type who looked at that sort of thing, for nobody said anything or even looked at me funny. My supervisor had been puzzled when I said I couldn't work with Willie any more, but she didn't say anything more about it. She found plenty of other things for me to do that didn't have me working with little kids. soyoung innocent lolita preteen Tuesday night Seth made us come to his house and go through the dance routine again. I got sweaty palms every time I thought about having to do that with people watching, but Jase and I got better and better at it, working well together, and Seth seemed pleased.Wednesday I got a call to pick up Jason and come to Seth's house at 9:00. He said he'd have further instructions when we got cgiworld dreamwiz com lolitas there. He said to tell our parents we would be out late.I told Mom that I'd be at Jason's and that we wanted to watch something that didn't come on until midnight. She hugged me and said to be careful driving home.When 9 14 llolita yo Jase and I got to Seth's, he made us strip. He had us put on our slave collars. top lolita nudism sites Then he put a leather cockstrap on each of us and gave us each a Viagra. I got sweaty palms again, along with a lump of ice in my stomach. I figured we'd be doing something in front of people again. The cockstraps and Viagra weren't just for his benefit, I was pretty sure.Then he pointed to one of the poolside tables. "There are your outfits for the evening, slutboys." We had identical outfits: tight photos of russian lolitas white tees cut off just below the pecs, ragged and very thin Levi cutoffs so short our ass cheeks showed (no underwear, of course), white socks, and light tan work boots. I had to work to get my swelling cock inside the cutoffs and get them fastened. Jason had the same trouble."Now, stand side by side and put your arms around each other. That's good. Now, turn your faces towards each other french each other." He took several still pics of free lolitas in bikini us doing that, including one where he was squatting in front of us. From that perspective, the camera could no doubt see up our shorts to our swollen dicks, which appeared huge because of the perspective."Okay, you sluts are going to turn pro." He told us to go to a hotel out near the closest interstate. "You can't go through the lobby looking like that. Go to the east end. There's a door there tiny teen lolita pussy that's unlocked until 11:00. Go in that door and up to suite 315. You will do everything the guy there tells you. Whatever he wants, for as long as he wants. You pussyboys understand? If he complains in any way, the deal's off and Willie and I will go to the police. Oh, no nude underage lolitas and you will bring the money back here. Call from the car on the way, so I'll turn the perimeter alarm off before you get here. And, don't worry, I'll see that you get your share of your first trick." He chuckled.So he was going to pimp us out. What more could he do?Feeling almost as embarrassed by our slutty outfits as by what we might have to do when we got there, Jason and I drove to the motel. It was a nice one, and I could see why we'd be stopped if lolitas ten angels models we tried to go in past the desk. If ever any two guys looked like male prostitutes, we did.When we knocked on the door of suite 315, it was opened after a pause by a guy who looked like a businessman. He was a little taller than little russian lolita bbs me. He had steel gray hair, a tan, and wire-rimmed glasses. He was wearing a white tee and jeans and was barefoot. He looked as if he worked out a lot. I'd guess he was nearly fifty, but he looked like he was in great shape.He grinned and stood back to let us come in. "Well, well, look at you two. All tricked out like a couple of rent boys. Your, uh, agent said you had never done this before. I know you aren't virgins, but I understand this is your first time to do it for money. Is that right?""Yes, sir," Jase said, looking up at free teen lolita models the guy."And you are to do whatever I want for the evening. That's the deal, right?""Yes, sir." My turn to answer this time."You two are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, aren't you?""Yes, sir," I said, young model loli bbs though I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.The guy, who never told us his name, sat down on the sofa in the living-room part of the suite. He put his feet up on the coffee table and unbuttoned his jeans."Okay, boys, first I want you to get each other aroused. Well, now that I look at you again, you seem to be pretty well aroused already. sample membership loli xxx I remember what it was like to be hard all the time. So, I want you to make out. Kiss and feel each other up, and then I want you to do a strip tease, but you must undress each other. Understand?"We both nodded. I remembered the "dance" Seth was making us practice and wondered if it was for this evening that he'd made us learn to do it. I grabbed Jason and began to give him a deep kiss. As our tongues dueled, our hands roamed all underaged lolitas from africa over each other's bodies. Our "host" had pulled his dick out. It looked to be a good six inches soft.After we kissed and felt each other up for a while, real nude lolitas childrean I think Jason clicked on the dance routine idea, too, and we began to simulate sex. Before we had begun to take off our tees and cutoffs, I moved behind him and began to hump his ass, as he groaned and pushed his ass against my cock. Our john was clearly enjoying the show. He had gotten hard without touching his rod. And it had to be nine inches. I found myself getting harder just thinking about having him fuck me.Jason turned around, reached up under my tee, and began to squeeze my nipples. We humped each other face to face. I had russian little lolita galleries to bend my legs a little because of the difference in our heights. Then we began to kiss, while he squeezed my tits and we kept humping. Even though we'd had Viagra and were hard before we got to the motel, I was really getting into this. Jase had always been able to turn me on, and having an audience both shamed me and made me hotter."John" watched a while longer and young lolita site cn then said, "Okay, boys, start taking each other's clothes off."Jason looked so . . . forlorn with his shaved head and no eyebrows. asian lolita top 100 His cock was hard and sticking out of the leg of his cutoffs, but that may have been the Viagra. I smiled down at him and asian lolita nude modles gave him a little peck on the lips. His expression changed, and he smiled faintly at me.We made a production out of it as we slowly stripped each other. After all, we had only two garments apiece, and it wouldn't have taken long to get out of them. The guy was obviously enjoying our show. He still wasn't touching his nice big tool, but precum was running down it into his pubes and onto his big balls. He pulled off his tee, threw it onto the floor beside the hot lolita every day sofa, and began to rub and pinch his nipples.Eventually, we stood there, naked except for our work boots and slave collars. We looked at the guy for directions."Very nice, boys. You're cute shaved all over like that. Now," he pointed at me, "I want you to get on your hands and knees on the floor, and I want the little guy to give you a rim job."Jason and I knew that drill, so we obliged. We were both hard and beginning to leak from the Viagra and the sex play. Jason didn't waste much time. He had his tongue up my ass in short order, and I was whimpering my appreciation. As Jase fucked me with his tongue, it occurred to me that this wasn't such a bad way to earn money. thumbnails of nude lolitas And then, of course, I was totally ashamed. I could feel myself blushing."Hey, kid, I can see you blushing under pink russain lolita pic your young lolita galleries bbs tan. Don't worry. What you do here stays in this room. And you two boys are hot, let me tell you. Beautiful, in fact. But now," he continued, "I want the little guy to fuck the bigger guy." He picked up a bottle of nearly nude preteen lolitas WET and tossed it to Jason. Jason smeared the viscous liquid all over my ass, pushed some up the chute, and then smeared it all over his drooling loli zone pre teens dick.He knew by that time just how much prep I needed, and that wasn't much. He worked one finger around in my ass for a while, rubbed my nut a couple of times, and shoved his tool slowly but smoothly up my chute. I grunted at the full feeling and then relaxed. `Okay, Jase, do your thing,' I thought. And he did."John" lolita tiny teen pics was loving it. He seemed mesmerized by what we were doing. He still wasn't touching his hard penis, but it was shiny from the precum that had washed down it.`Well,' I thought, `if this guy wants free online lolita nudes a show instead of a fuck, let's give him what he wants.' I began to moan as Jason long-dicked me. He was going all the way in and all the way out very slowly. It felt fantastic, and I vocalized: "Oh, yeah, babe, fuck my hungry ass. "Yeah, stud. That's fantastic. Do me! Do me harder! I need your hard cock all the way, make me cum, fuck me babe." I didn't use his name, figuring that we deserved at least some lolita ls model teen anonymity.Jason began growling and muttering, all part of the show, I suspected, as he picked up the pace and slammed into my happy ass."Oh, you guys are SO PERFECT," our host said.Jase's cock wasn't all that big, but it was big enough to hit my prostate with just about every instroke and outstroke, and I zoned out, forgetting about our audience, bbs lolitas portal sites concentrating on the great feelings Jason hot lolita thong models was giving me. Looking back, I suppose I should have been mortified that I was allowing myself to be fucked in front of a stranger for money. Actually, it wasn't the money, of course, it was because Seth had ordered us to do it.Well, anyway, pre teen lolita slut Jason came eventually. I never did, but I'll have to admit that I loved the fuck. When he had pumped his seed into me, Jase collapsed onto my back and kissed me between the shoulder blades.When he pulled out, I automatically turned around so I could clean up his dick. How well Seth had trained us in a short time!"Boys, pull on your pants and come over here."We squirmed into the tight cutoffs and approached him. He patted the places on either side of him. We sat. He put his arms around us and pulled us close. Using his hands, he pushed our heads onto his shoulders. Then, after heaving a big sigh, he just sat there, hugging us.We must have stayed that way for about twenty minutes, and it was nice. He was warm. He smelled good. And he wasn't making like he wanted to fuck us.Eventually, though, I got worried that he was waiting for us to initiate something, so I put my hand on his thigh and began rubbing it.He took my hand and removed it from his leg."Thanks, young man, but you don't need to do that. You'd get me more aroused than I can afford to let myself be."I looked up at him, wondering what this was all about."But, sir, don't you want us to . . . ""Yes, I want you to, but I can't let you."I was mystified, and so, I could tell, was Jason.The man sighed, still with an arm around each of us. "I guess you deserve an explanation." He paused, but neither of us said anything. "I'm married. I have two kids in college, a boy and a girl. I'm a professor at a university in another state. Every day I see beautiful boys like you. And I wish I could take them to bed. But I can't. If I tried anything like that on my campus, word would surely get around. Besides, I promised my wife when I married her that I would be faithful to her. I want to keep that pledge. But when I had the opportunity to have you boys, I succumbed. I jacked off for days thinking about what it would be like to spend a night with the two of you. I saw your pictures, and you were so beautiful! Now that you're here, though, I can't do it. You may be rent boys, but you are young, you are so lovely together, you look unspoiled even as one of you is screwing the other. You look almost as if lolita nymphet cp underage you were making love. And I find I simply cannot be unfaithful to my wife.""But, sir, Se, that is, our agent, best off lolita pussy will be furious with us if we come home now, especially if we don't get paid. Are you sure we can't kdz loli pic tgp . no nude lolitas toplist . ?"Jason didn't get to finish. The guy hugged him tight and then said, "Don't worry, little guy. You'll get your money. And if your pimp thinks you didn't satisfy me, tell him to call. He knows how to get in touch with me. I'll tell him I'm more than happy with what you provided me."He took his naked young lol teen arms from around us. "Now, boys, here's $150 apiece, the amount agreed on. Get your shirts on. And, boys, thanks." He actually had tears in his eyes.Impulsively, I gave him a full kiss on the nude lolita underwear models lips, and Jason followed my example. "Thank you sir," I said."Yeah, thanks," Jase added. We called Seth on the way back to his place as he had instructed. He was surprised we were calling so early.When we got there, he seemed angry. "What the fuck are you two doing back here already? lolitas galleries photos samples You must have hairless lolita pussy toplist fucked up. So help me, if you made that guy mad, you'll be sorry.""Seth, calm down. Here's the money. All of it. And he said ls magazine lolitas crazy if you had any doubt that he was satisfied, to call him.""What in God's name did you do?""I think you'd better ask him that," Jason said. "He's entitled to his privacy, after all."I expected Seth to go ballistic when Jase said that, but he thought about it for a minute and said, "Yeah, well, maybe you're right. Just so long as he isn't complaining." Seth took the money. "I'll put half of this in your account. The rest is my fee." He smirked. "Oh, and you're making a tidy sum from the cd sales and the fees people are paying to get into your site. You two guys are a hot item. I'm taking a 50% agent's fee for that, too, and putting the rest of it into an account in your names jointly."I was flabbergasted. I doubted very much that Seth was doing this just to be kind, but with him, I just never quite knew.After that he told us to preteen lolita amusing kids go home. Jase was off the hook for several days. Seth told me he'd call me the next evening to tell me what I was to do while Marcy was here that coming weekend.I took Jason home. On the way, I asked him how his family had reacted to his shaved head. Jason had been pretty glum lately, but he grinned. "You know, I haven't kids lolita porn models seen my dad since the `haircut.' He's 18young looking girls lolita been working late and leaving early. But when Mom saw it, she asked me about it. I told her it was just a new fashion statement. She said, that she youngest japanese lolita model didn't like it much, but it was no nudist family young lolitas worse than the spiked, gelled look I had before. lolitas preten free galleries Go figure. I wonder what she'd think if she knew my whole body was shaved.""Well, Jase, let's sex lolita pedo model hope she never finds out.""Too true!"I dropped Jason off at his house and was back to my house by 1:00. My folks had gone to bed, so I didn't have to explain my slutty outfit. I took a shower and was in bed and asleep by 1:30, which was good because I didn't have to worry about what Seth had in mind for the weekend, when Marcy was coming.SW:I had told Cronin to explain to his girl that they were invited to lunch at my place and to spend the afternoon here by the pool. She expected to be spending the night at his place and would fly back home the next afternoon. Things weren't going to go quite like that. Someone would be taking her back to the airport from here.I had called up Kathi, a local girl I'd dated off an on for a year or so. Kathi was up for anything, and she'd do almost anything I told her. And if she got a little reluctant, I had discovered that money would usually make her russia lolita kdz bbs a lot more accommodating. I'd explained that she was to be nice and friendly, that her job was to make Marcy feel comfortable, and then to disappear at the right time.Kathi and I were out back in our swimsuits when Mike and Marcy arrived. I had put on a leather cockstrap before I got into my Speedo. Wanted the package to look good.MC:God, Marcy looked good as she came down the ramp for the deplaning passengers at the terminal. She's 5'9", with medium brown hair and green eyes. And what a figure! I grabbed her into a big hug and got a hard-on at once. Her tongue in my mouth had something to do with that, but so did her body pressed up against mine. I had missed her. Not just for her body, but that was just as sexy as ever, especially now that she had a good start on her summer tan.She asked about my really short haircut first thing. I just said that since I was showering and swimming so much, it was easier to take care of. She bought that.I explained to her that we weren't going directly to my house, that my buddy Seth had asked us to come over and have lunch with him and his girl, Kathi, and spend the afternoon with them by the pool."Sounds good, Mikey, so long as asian lolita pre teen we get some make-out time later, stud," she said, her green eyes sparkling at me. She put her hand lightly on my right thigh as I drove, and my hard-on get even harder. "But who's this Seth? I don't remember you mentioning him.""Oh, Seth goes to State, but he and I go way back. We've been, uh, buds ever since middle school."She shrugged. "And what about Kathi?""She was in the same class with Seth and me, but she is going to college somewhere out of state. I really haven't seen her since last summer. She seems nice enough. I'm sure you'll know all about her before the afternoon is over."Seth was charm personified when we got there. He shook hands with me and treated me like his best friend. Then, after I had introduced them, he hugged Marcy. Of course I had to hug Kathi. The girls shook hands. We sat in chaises and talked for a while, you know, the rika nishimura naked lolits sort of meaningless getting to know you and feel comfortable with you stuff we all do.Then Seth invited us in for lunch. He'd had it catered, and it was great. I'll spare you the menu, but the girls both kept telling him how young teen lolitas bbs good everything was and how well prepared and "presented" it was. Seth smiled and thanked them and seemed really pleased that he'd impressed them.After lunch, we sat around and had iced tea and talked for a while. Then Seth took off his shirt, which he'd been wearing open down the front, no doubt to show off his pecs, abs, and tan. He dropped his baggy shorts, and stood there in his skimpy black Speedo. He looked great. taboo loli porn pics His package looked evil top lolita pic bigger than usual. I wondered if he was, like me, wearing a cockstrap."Well, guys, I don't know about you, but I want to hit the water. Come ellwebs loli bbs tgp on, Mikey, why don't you come, too. Girls, ready for a swim?"When I pulled off my tee, Marcy couldn't help noticing my nipple rings."Whoah, Mikey, what's with the nip rings, babe?"Seth said, "Oh, that's something I talked Mike into. I more or less dared him. You don't mind, do you, Marcy?" He nude russian nymphet lolitas gave her a big smile.She reached up and flicked one of them, and I jumped. She grinned. "No, I guess not. It looks a little gay, but I think I'm gonna have some fun with them."Soon hardcore fucking little lolita we were all in the pool, playing and splashing in the incest lolita euro pic pool. Seth suggested we play chicken fight, so the girls got on our shoulders, and we really were having fun as they tried to knock each other off their mounts. `This,' I thought, `is the way it should be: two guys and their girlfriends having fun together. But trust preeteen models lola nn Seth to have some sort of nasty plan to humiliate me.' Little did I know then how humiliated I would be.After we climbed out of the water, the girls wanted to work on their tans. Soon both of them were lying on their stomachs with the backs of their tops untied so they could tan their backs without strap lines. Seth and I urged them to take their tops off, but they good-naturedly refused.The girls chatted quietly as they lay there sunning. Seth seemed relaxed. He carried on a conversation with me as if we were old friends, smiling, animated, fun, actually.About 3:00, he went in the house and came back with a tray of gin and tonics. "Here, guys. Nothing beats a g & t on a hot summer afternoon. The girls refastened their tops, and we all sat around one of the umbrella tables, sipping our drinks, and chatting. I would have really enjoyed the afternoon if loli nude model top I hadn't been so worried about what Seth was planning.Seth went over to one of the chaises, put his drink on a table beside it, and kind of gave Kathi the eye. She took her drink, sipping on it as she sashayed toward him, lolita no nude links and, after setting the drink down, lay on top of Seth. Soon they were kissing and feeling each other all over.I looked at Marcy and said, "It's been a while, sweetheart. Wanna come lie on a chaise with me?"A girl after my own heart, she said, "I thought you'd never ask!"Well, it had been great lolita bbs elwebbs a while since we'd been together, and soon things were getting hot and heavy between us. I was really uncomfortable when my cock started to swell. When Marcy reached down and pulled it up so half of it was sticking above the Speedo, I looked over to see that Seth had Kathi out of her top and his cock was sticking up out of his suit, too. They were paying no attention to us.Marcy and I had never made out with others around before, and I wasn't sure how she'd react. But she seemed oblivious, underage lolita 12 16 so I forged on. It had been almost a month since she and I had had sex (with each other, at least), and we were both hungry for it. She didn't forget my nipple rings, either, flicking and pulling on them as we kissed vesta porn best lola and I rubbed my cock, still partly covered by the Speedo, against her soft, flat belly.I got her out of her bikini top and was nuzzling between her delicious breasts. I knew she was very sensitive there and loved for me to nuzzle, lick, and suck her tits. She preteen loli art galleries reached down and began to stroke the part of my cock that was sticking above the top of my Speedo. I pushed the suit down, freeing my hard, leaking tool. Then I pulled her bottoms down, too.She glanced over at Steve and Kathi, and illegal underground lolita sex then took off her bikini bottoms and helped me out of my trunks. Completely naked by the pool in the afternoon son, we writhed together, licking and sucking and rubbing. I was in bliss. After all the guy sex, some of which was admittedly great, it was good to be back with Marcy.We were really getting into it. I was drawing out the foreplay some, but I knew we were both getting pretty hot. And at that point I was going to take what I could get while Seth and Kathi were otherwise occupied. I was sucking intently on one of Marcy's breasts. She had underage lolita erotic photography her hands on the back of my head and was encouraging me and moaning.Suddenly, I felt someone move next to me. I pulled off and looked down. There was Seth, as naked as we were. Kathi was nowhere to be seen. And Seth began to tongue Marcy's pussy. I thought she'd have a fit. Instead, she raised her head up to see what was going on, said "Cool!" and put her head back. Seth ate out her cunt while I sucked her tit for a while. I wasn't happy with what he was doing, but I supposed I had known all along that something like that was going to happen.Because we were lying so close together, Marcy pure tiny lolita gallery hadn't noticed my shaved body. All she knew was that she was getting the full attention of two men. I thought she might object, but apparently she was very happy, very horny. Then Seth moved up and began to underground yahoo groups lolita suck her other tit. I reached down to finger her clit and found that Seth's hand was already there. We both sucked while Marcy moaned and wiggled for a while. Then he pushed me away and gave me a look.So Seth was sucking and fingering my girl. I sat young petite lolitas naked there cross-legged on the patio stones next to the chaise and watched him work on her.I had to watch him fuck her. She seemed to love it. I don't know whether it was the thrill of being taken by a stranger, or whether it was that she knew I was sitting there close by watching, not participating, but she was much more vocal and she thrashed around a lot more than she ever had when I fucked her.When they were finished, Seth stayed inside her until his cock went limp. Then he pulled out and leaned erotica young lolita stories close to her ear. "That was fantastic, Marcy. You're hot sexy preteen lolittas the best. You deserve better than Cronin. You deserve a guy who'll really appreciate what a sexy woman you are."She looked puzzled as she sat up. Before she could answer, however, Seth said, "Okay, Mike. Clean off my cock."I sighed. I should have known this was coming. But what could I do? I knelt between his legs and sucked and licked his cock clean."Oh my God, Mike. I can't believe you're doing that! And what happened to all your hair?"Seth grinned at her and put his arm around here. "Oh, babe, you haven't seen anything yet. Now, Mikey, lick my cum out of your girlfriend's pussy."I knee-walked over to where Marcy was sitting and gently pushed her legs apart. I thought maybe she would object, but she didn't, so I did what he told 14y young lolitas ass me to."Look, Marce, he's blushing. I would have thought he'd be way past that.""What do you mean? What's going on here?""Mikey's a fag, babe. He likes boys. And he'll do just about anything I tell him to if he is rewarded properly.""You've got to be kidding! Mike?""No shit. Watch this." Seth stuck his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Jason, totally naked, came down the stairs from free nude picture lolita his apartment, shaved head, slave collar, nipple rings and all."Cronin, why don't you suck your boyfriend's cock until he's hard and wet?"I glanced at Marcy, who seemed to be fascinated, and knelt in front of Jason. I worked on his cock, and soon his tool was filling my mouth and leaking some precum."Okay, boys. Now, Kinsey, fuck your lover. But you'd better get him wet back there first. You don't have any lube but your spit, you know."Jase walked around behind me, and I went onto all fours. He licked my ass, sticking his tongue up my chute. lolicons pussies little girls I couldn't help it. I was so lolita teen sex stories humiliated having this happen in front of my girlfriend, but it felt so freakin' hot I had to groan and wiggle my butt."Just look at those two faggots. But you never thought Mike was a homo, did ya?"Marcy didn't say anything. I was facing her, so I could see that she was staring at Jason and me as if she were seeing a porn film. She was aroused. I could see her fingering one of her nipples, licking her lips. Me getting a rim job from Jason obviously turned her on."Okay, boys. I think Mike's wet enough back there. So, why don't search nude baby lolitas you two fairies fuck?"Jason put the tip of his hot cock against my slobber-covered pucker and pushed gently in. He was always careful not to hurt me unless Seth ordered him to. Soon he was all the way in. I have to admit, it felt great. When he began to long-dick me very slowly, dragging his cock across my prostate, I groaned and wiggled my butt.Seth chuckled. "See what a fag your boyfriend is. He loves that. He can't get enough. And when he's not getting fucked, he loves to have his dick up the little guy's ass." I looked over at him. He had his tongue in her ear.I wanted to strangle Seth, to pull his balls off, but at the same time I was really getting carried away by Jason slowly, beautifully fucking me. I was so ashamed, so humiliated. Marcy was there watching me getting fucked and I couldn't hide how much I was enjoying it.Eventually, Jason came inside me. He tensed up, arched his back, and rammed his cock into my guts as far as he could. He did it silently, I suppose because he didn't want to give Seth and Marcy any more show than he had to. His orgasm triggered mine, and I shot spurt after spurt on the stones underneath me. Then I collapsed and Jason fell on top of me. He licked the back of my neck."Well, what do you think of that?" Seth asked."I never knew it could be so hot watching two guys get it on. But Mike, I'm disgusted at you. You never told me you were gay. How could you have deceived me for all this time?"I started to explain, but Seth gave me a look that warned me to shut up, so I didn't say anything. "Mike, don't you think you should clean up your lover's cock. I suppose you'll like that, since it has his cum and your ass juices all over it."Jason got up, and I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock clean. Then Seth made Jason suck his own cum out of my ass.Seth told us we could go home. He and Marcy went into the main house. Jason went back up to Seth's apartment to get his clothes. I picked mine up off the patio floor next to the chaise and put them on. While he was doing that, I went to my car and got Marcy's bag and brought it back and set it inside the door of the house.When Jason came downstairs from the garage apartment dressed, we walked together to the driveway."Mikey, I'm so sorry I had to be a part of that. You know I would never want to humiliate you, especially in front of your girl. But we have to do what that motherfucker says, don't we?"I grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug. "Yeah, Jase, I guess we do. And I don't blame you, babe."After a long, tender kiss, we got into our cars and went home. [The final chapter of this story nude child lolita photos will be posted in about a week.]
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